Repo maintenance is HARD
you could use a hand

Ranger is a bot that provides a set of fire-and-forget tools to help make repository management easier

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Maintainer-First Automation

Ranger provides maintainers a set of fire-and-forget tools to help make common actions friendly and consistent.

Simply apply labels to close issues, merge pull requests, or create typical comments automatically. All configurable through a simple YAML file.

Auto-Merge Pull Requests

Stop checking if tests have passed and guessing when your build will finish. Just add the appropriate label and Ranger will know when to merge your pull request.

Friendly Issue Auto-Close

Instead of slamming an issue “closed”, give potential contributors a chance to speak up before closing.

Ranger let’s you apply a label to mark an issue for closure with a configurable delay as well as a custom comment to explain why an issue is being closed.

Standardize Your Replies

Leave robotic comments to the bots. Ranger let’s you quickly send preconfigured responses while being explicit about the fact that they’re standardized.

And So Much More

Ranger can help in many other ways too! Almost any automation can be added through a custom label. Check out the docs to see a full list of Ranger’s capabilities.

Have a feature idea or repetitive action that should be added to Ranger’s defaults?

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Ranger is currently in beta and still learning how it can be most helpful. While in beta, Ranger will be free for all public repositories, for individuals and organizations. Additionally, Ranger will always be free for open-source individuals and not-for-profit communities.

If you would like to test Ranger in your private repos and organization accounts while in beta, please contact us.

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